Pennies from Kevin: Doug Banks Morning Show is Over… NEXT


I’ve gotten several emails from people outside the industry asking me what happened to Doug Banks. We ALL know what happened to Doug Banks…. can you say RATINGS? Um… NEXT… Might seem a bit harsh but I want to see some fresh NEW talent do syndication… Great Job Doug… NEXT

Urban Radio Corps: PLEASE refuse all proposals from syndication companies for another out-of-work comic or a gospel singer but bring in the next YOUNG and the next REAL radio star. Can we please develop some NEW TALENT in this urban arena? If you want recommendations, I have PLENTY. No, it’s not me, you aren’t ready for me. Black conservatism bores the shit out of me but there is a young good looking and talented man or a woman out there in urban radio land right now working for a major corporation and doing 28 jobs who deserves a DAMN BREAK. I’m waiting to hear him or her and want to save them before they get robbed of their self esteem. You know how we treat each other in urban radio…. (laugh). There is no reason a black announcer has to wait until he or she is 60 to get the break they deserved 35 years before. Stop asking me about Doug Banks and what happened… and ask me about hot new talent….