Pennies from Kevin: Eight Ways to Enhance Your Life


1. You’re Always in the Driver’s Seat, even when you’re a passenger: No matter how much somebody else stresses you out or pisses you off, you always have the choice to walk, even when you don’t, you can choose how to respond. There is no greater joy that you can bring to someone who is miserable in their own lives, than to let them control you.

2. The Best Kept Secret is the One You Never Tell: If you have goals and dreams, keep your mouth shut and make it happen. Mankind, has a very vicious and strange way of discouraging you from having what he or she cannot dream, see, believe or have. The same people who will discourage you now if you tell them will also be the ones to take credit for your success when you achieve it, choose the latter and let them come to congratulate you after instead of to berate you before.

3. Seek Happiness at ALL Costs! No matter who, what or where you are your mental health is YOUR responsibility. Only you can determine what makes you roll out of bed in the morning anticipating the day ahead. Many of us have never experienced that feeling but I have and I’m here to tell you, there is no greater feeling and it is what life is all about. When you can do that, you are living your life to the fullest. Get rid of everything and anything that is negative, if you can’t get rid of it, control and limit its access to you.

4. Get the Extra Weight Off: You will not only do it for your health but you will feel better about yourself when you get into an exercise program and see the benefits. The door of opportunity, acceptance, admiration, ambition, money, success and sex swing wide open when you are presentable, confident and comfortable. There is no discrimination here, just honesty, fat people are looked at as lazy and careless in our society.. period.

5. Spend time with Yourself: There was a time that I felt sorry for people who were eating by themselves in restaurants now I admire them. There is no greater opportunity in our lives to get to know and accept ourselves than going against the grain. Take one day a week to do something that YOU enjoy ALONE. Take yourself out to dinner with your favorite magazine or newspaper, catch a movie or spend a couple of hours playing pool. Turn your cell phone off and separate yourself from the life that you know just for a few hours.

6 Take Control: We spend way too much time worrying, losing sleep, complaining and stressing ourselves out about things that never even happen. Fear and inactivity work against tackling the problems in our lives. Be a man or a woman and stand up and tackle life’s challenges head on. Look at it like this, when you do what you need to do, it will most likely be over much quicker than to moan and groan about it and do nothing at all.

7. Be Who You Really Are: Do you REALLY know yourself? Most of us hate people who play games, but we fail to realize that they are playing games because WE are playing games, they are simply responding to the energy that we are giving them. Have you ever noticed that people who don’t trust anyone tend to be the same ones that YOU don’t trust? The universe really does return our deposits in greater return than we give it… see next…

8. If You Want to Change Your Life, Go to Church: A couple of years ago, I would have NEVER thought I would say that, I’m not a big fan of organized religion and I have always thought that Christians were mean, snooty and contradictory: They seek God but reject mankind’s ways. It seems some of the most hypocritical people use God’s name as a way to be a part of a trend or a fashion statement, but that’s on them. I finally had to conclude that you go to church for YOU and the less YOU judge people the more the benefit fills YOUR life. In other words, you don’t have to be like the people in the church or on the street who use HIS name but go worship anyway to seek the benefit, IT REALLY WORKS. I can tell you some stories that would blow you away.

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