Pennies from Kevin: Five Things you MUST do in 2008


1. Be Yourself…
Life is short and we can spend years trying to impress others of our value but the truth is, you get the reverse effect. When you try to prove yourself, it comes off as a WEAKNESS and insecurity. That makes people respect you LESS. Stop trying to prove yourself and enjoy Life..

2. Seek Happiness at ALL Cost...
I don’t care what, who or why it is you are unhappy, rid yourself of it IMMEDIATELY. If it’s your parents or family members, it’s OK to love them but let them go and let them come to you. Take control of your life and stop letting people spread their negative poison into your realm.

3. Be Realistic about Resolutions.
If you need to lose weight but dieting is too hard, start by not eating after 6, or cut one food out. A lot of people don’t realize that, when it comes to dieting, the longer it takes you to take it off, the more likely you are to KEEP it off. Something that takes longer is more likely to become a permanent habit. Drastic changes rarely last because eventually you will resort back to your old way to thinking when you complete your goal. Time literally flies. Look at how fast last year went by!! To that end, take more time to realize your resolution and you are more likely to succeed.

4. Spend more time with your children and/or your dog.
The children aspect is obvious, showing them you’re interested in what they are doing sets them up for the world and how to function in it. If you believe in them, they will believe in themselves but that also works on the opposite end, if you don’t believe in them, they will not believe in themselves and this is where insecurity, self hatred and even addiction is given its sordid birthplace. Sorry for the heavy load but when you have kids, it’s no longer JUST about you. As far as your pets. Dogs THRIVE on exercise and they LOVE to run. It’s totally unfair to keep your dog locked up in a house, apartment or even a lonely back yard. Take him or her to the park and let them run free for a while (provided they are the type that will come back). I tell you a trick I learned and maybe this just works with my dog or maybe not. Test it out. Take your dog in a fenced area and take the leash off. Let the dog run around and wait until they get a good distance away from you. At that point call them, see if they come back, if they don’t, get on your knees and call them again. For some reason, this works with my dog every time. They feel less of a threat perhaps when you are on your knees, I don’t know but try it and let me know what happens.

5. Commit to SOME kind of exercise.
I admit, I don’t always feel like going to the gym. Pretentious and brain dead people talking about much of nothing, groups of gay guys giggling like little girls in just about every corner. Bathhouse perverts in the locker rooms and fat slobs wearing tight clothes and thinking that one training session means they are now in great shape and can wear the clothes for the body they WISH they had… is all enough to make you puke. Also, I am extremely irritated by people who get on the cardio machine right next to me when there is a whole slew of empty machines in that row. But I make the sacrifice and I go if I just don’t feel like being bothered, I walk for a couple of miles around the block. Walking is AMAZING for meditating and flushing out your system. If you walk for a mile or two, I can almost guarantee you will have to take a dump when you get home….

Happy New Year…