Pennies from Kevin: Prince/What Happened?


When I was in college, I heard a bunch or hardcore brothers on the bus admit they would fuck prince (laugh). I damn near dropped my books. But 20 years later, it is apparent as it was then, Prince is the epitome of femininity. Except for the hair on his chest and the baritone voice, if Prince was in full drag, I’d never know he was really a man. I met him once in Cali during a Stevie Wonder, Industry Only Party and he was sitting back in a chair with two outrageously huge black bodyguards keeping the industry fans away from him. He was sitting there with his eyes closed and swooning to Stevie as if he was really enjoying the music and he probably was. I thought to myself, Prince really is strange. He is also a small in stature, smaller than I had previously thought but interesting.

I could seriously care less if Prince added double D sized tit implants to his already feminine persona and attire, I’m more amazed at the Black community’s response to him. Black people don’t like anything that’s “different” and Prince has always been… um DIFFERENT! Permed hair that looks better than a lot of black women’s best effort, make-up, high heeled boots, costumes exposing his ass and frilly blouse-like outfits….. What gives and where are all the critique mongers and “haters” (I hate that word) in the black community? I think there might be three reasons Prince survived criticism and being ostracized in the EXTREMELY conservative, do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do black community… he always keeps an incredibly fine woman on his arm, he makes great music and he has never really addressed the gay questions he faced early on in his career. I am not a HUGE Prince fan but I do have a couple of favorites by him. Here is one of my favorites… When Doves Cry….

Prince – When doves cry
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