Pennies from Kevin: Should he Beat her or Walk?


Bynum and WEAK
Is there more to this story?

Juanita Bynum has become the subject of her own sermons that she has preached or professed over the last decade. Ironcally, her first marriage was said to have ended the same way. This reminded me of a situation I came across years ago…

Several years ago I was a DJ in Columbus, GA at Foxie 105. Directly above me in the complex I was living in was a black couple, both nice, he was in the military and she was his girlfriend. Once they got in that apartment, all hell broke loose, I could hear everything. The minute he walked in she was on him, “Where the f%ck you been, who the f&ck you been with, why in the f*ck didn’t you call me?” He would not say much, and she would go on and on and on, accusing him of cheating, lying and stealing from her. Every weekend became a nightmare as she would constantly have temper tantrums, throw things, flip furniture and scream at him to no end but on the outside, you would NEVER know she was like that. One day, he came home and I was in my living room watching TV. He always slammed the door when he walked in so all the neighbors knew the drama was about to begin again. All was quiet for a few minutes then I heard her cry out in a screeching voice, “You’ve been f*cking another B*%CH!” She LOST it, I heard glass break, furniture flip, her screaming and slapping him and a temper tantrum that was unbelievable. He FINALLY said something to her this time. He said “It makes me sick to look at you and to be around you, you are SICK and I can’t take it anymore.” At that point, she was saying “Where are you going, please don’t leave me, PLEASE!” He walked out the door with some of his belongings and the fight ended in front of my door. She was hanging on to his ankles begging, “Please don’t leave me… please, please” All the neighbors were standing in their doorways. It was a sad sight to see, a grown woman on the ground being dragged by a man trying to leave her. He looked at her again and said “It makes me sick to look at you. I can’t take it anymore.” When he left, the neighbors, including the women, applauded and the woman sat on the stairs crying. It was like a TV drama. In all that time, he never kicked her ass. Over the next week, she remained her calm, cool and collected normal outside self, speaking to everyone, smiling and coming off like any everyday person. Did she push him to beat her? You be the judge on that one. I am not supportive of spousal abuse or men beating women in any form but there is something about Juanita that leaves me a bit unsettled at the same time. There is more to this story and I strongly sense it. It’s a good thing that she left the relationship and I could be wrong but it would be interesting to hear Week’s side of the story.