Pennies from Kevin: The Art of Pay-cience…


If you can wait long enough, the ‘weight’ pays off….

This morning, I went online to order something that I needed to teach a class. The item costs $165.00. As I was ordering it, my PayPal card was not working. I knew I had a balance on it but it kept rejecting. I called PayPal and they told me their systems were down because of bad weather (I don’t know where they are based). At any rate, I went back on line to look at the item and it was gone…. GONE. Someone had purchased it. I was pissed. It was the last one… Frustrated. I was going through some old boxes in my home office when I found an older version of what I was about to buy. I figured… it probably doesn’t work. Nevertheless the optimist in my said, ‘shut the hell up and plug it in’ and I did and yep, it worked. My mother always said, “Everything Happens for a Reason” to the point that it still resonates in my head. Now I realize the older I get the smarter my mother gets (laugh). She was right. Since the industry is SO tight right now. I have opted to really squeeze the dollar till the eagle grins and wasting money is no longer the menu. A good friend, Emma, who is a financial adviser for Ameriprise tells me constantly, “the one trait that SMART millionaires have over everybody else is that they are frugal.” Millionaires, ironically, also get a lot of things for free just BECAUSE they are millionaires. Guess if you want to be one, you should act like one… right?