Pennies from Kevin: Yeah, I Said It…


“Kev, do you think ALL vets should be replaced in the industry?” This is an email that I got from an industry notable last week… my answer is…

Hell no, an industry can’t survive without vets and there are many who the industry needs. There is, however a need for some PROMOTIONS, I’m not seeing a lot of MDs or jocks getting promoted to PDs anymore. We are recycling the same programmers over and over and we could certainly make room for some new ones.

The Don Imus situation is funny at best. Why did it take all that just to get a black person on board? By the same token, he could come back and say, Well, why doesn’t Steve Harvey have a white person on board and you know what…. he’d have a point. Typically, however black announcers don’t get a lot of chances to make the big bucks…

Still making my way back to LA working on a couple of deals right now. Thanks to Gail for inviting me to Billboard. Didn’t know a lot of people there, a brother is getting old… Oh well….


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