Radio Facts Magazine: Top 20 Urban Programmers


(pictured: Programmers Elroy Smith, Sam Choice, Reggie Rouse)

There are NO and I mean NO TRUE urban trade magazines left for urban radio programmers from the people who know urban radio. That’s why we have decided to honor urban programmers this year with the Radio Facts Top 20 Urban Radio Programmers section in the 12th anniversary issue of Radio Facts Magazine. The street date of the magazine is Sept 6. In this issue, we have voters from radio or industry affliation to vote on the following criteria:

What we base the Top 20 Programmer Winners on:

  • Programming Creativity, Open Mind, Concepts and Ability
  • Remains “Fresh” even though he or she may be past the age to appreciate hip hop, certain types of music or may even no longer have teeth (laugh)
  • Works well with on-air staff
  • Open door policy
  • Is an advocate (at least) for live, local announcers over voice tracking and multiple syndication formats.
  • Allows on-air staff members room for (reasonable) creativity
  • Admits his or her shortcomings and is not afraid to seek input from staff when he or she doesn’t know something.
  • May not get along or often agree but helps to build effective communication between sales and programming.
  • Makes sure staff is up to date on all new technology and other competitive outlets when he or she can.
  • Meets with on-air staff members on a regular basis or when available to critique work and offer constructive criticism and/or praise
  • Has earned the respect and admiration of the industry outside of the station for a job well done.
  • … plus any other reason you think the person that you choose should make the list.
  • Voters MUST have industry affiliation

(click headline above to vote, must have industry affiliation)