Radio Facts: Zhane`/ What went wrong?


Zhane` was a hot duo in the 90s that saw several hits including: “Hey Mr. DJ” “Groove Thang” and this single “Sending my love.” My favorite single “Crush” was released on their final CD in 97, after which they virtually disapeared . The ladies were a part of Queen Latifah’s production company and they were produced by ex Naughty by Nauture member Kay Gee who had/has a production deal with Warner Brothers. It was rumored by the folks at WB Kay Gee was a “taskmaster” who didn’t take a lot of anything. The girls allegedly didn’t like the direction their career was going in and that was pretty much the end of it. Jean Norris and Renee Neufville met while in college. My assessment of the group? I think they would have been even more successful with another member, a male. They reminded me of Chic but there was something missing. Also, the vocal production was less than stellar. As a singer myself, I know a bad note when I hear one and while the harmony was palatable, the solos left something to be desired and it sounded like the girls were struggling to find their individual key. Finally the look of the duo was somewhat masculine, the short hair robbed them of their (90s lion mane hairdos) sex appeal. In the pic (above) they tried to fem them up a bit more but by then they were pretty much done. Here’s a video from Zhane`.. the third single from their first CD “Pronounced Jay-Nay” and “Sending My Love.”