Research Director, Inc. Announces Organizational Transitions


Research Director, Inc. announces key staff changes in their  continuing effort to promote growth, quality, and top-notch customer service.  

Kathryn Boxill, Quality Control Team Manager, has retired after over 25 years with the  company. Founder and CEO Marc Greenspan reflects on Kathryn’s vast contributions and  impact on the company, “She was the second employee we hired back in 1996. I interviewed  her at my dining room table before we moved into our first office in 1997. She has played an  important role in every stage of our company’s success since then. We wish her the best in the  next phase of her journey.”  

Kathryn describes her experience with Research Director, Inc. and her next steps, “In my 25+  years at Research Director, Inc. I have been blessed to work with this exceptional organization.  I am grateful for the abundance of rewarding opportunities I’ve had to grow and thrive personally  and professionally. I thank the company for giving me the opportunity to support, educate, and  create relationships with amazing teams. In the ever-changing Radio industry, I’ve admired how  Research Director, Inc. has consistently learned to pivot, shift, and explore strategies to add  value to our clients and, in turn, our company. And, I have no doubt that the company will  continue to grow stronger. The next phase of my life is knocking and while I am not certain of  what the future holds, I am excited and looking forward to exploring life with purpose, passion,  and service.”  

Nakia Smith has taken on additional duties as Client Services Consultant and Senior Team  Lead. Marc Greenspan stated, “Nakia has been an integral part of Research Director, Inc. for  the past 21 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her additional role that  will continue to serve our clients well.” Nakia continues to serve clients and adds the  responsibilities of Research Director, Inc. team training and industry education to her duties.  

Matthew Wright has taken over as Quality Control Team Supervisor and Graphic Designer.  Matthew has previously served as Research Assistant. “We are excited to welcome Matthew  into his new role. He brings a unique skill set that will ensure we continue to give our clients exceptional service and support as Research Director, Inc. grows,” said Marc Greenspan.  Matthew has extensive experience and skills in graphic design and presentation enhancement.  

Lucas Gordon and Andrew Wilson are new additions to the Research Director, Inc. team as  Media Data Analysts. Lucas graduated in May from University of Maryland with a bachelor’s  degree in information technology with a minor in Leadership of Innovation Technology. Andrew  has a degree in Business Management from Temple University and was responsible for all  analytics and tracking at his previous employer.