Rolls-Royce Collabs with British Rock Legends


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is delighted to announce a series of nine remarkable Wraith ‘Inspired by British Music’ cars, created in collaboration with, and celebrating the legacy of some of British music’s most revered rock and vocal artists. The first four of these Bespoke cars have been unveiled for the first time today at the Sanderson Hotel in London by the artists who created them in partnership with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars: The Who frontman Roger Daltrey, Sir Ray Davies of The Kinks, and Giles Martin, son of songwriter and producer Sir George Martin and a world-renowned producer and songwriter in his own right.

Each of the hand-built Wraith ‘Inspired by British Music’ motor cars that have been commissioned is crafted with unique design touches illustrating and celebrating the illustrious career of a British rock and pop legends. The British music legends were personally invited to the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England, and worked closely with Rolls-Royce’s design experts to conceive deeply personal expressions of their music. The resulting highly Bespoke Wraith motor cars represent the ultimate collectors’ items for the most ardent fans of each artist and will be sold in 2017, with Rolls-Royce donating a portion of the value of each to charities selected by each artist.

The cars….

Roger Daltrey – celebrating The Who
The Who’s lead singer and frontman, Roger Daltrey, committed to creating two cars for the project.

‘Tommy’ (1969)
The second of Daltrey’s cars has been created in collaboration with Mike McInnerney, the artist responsible for the famous album artwork of The Who’s seminal 1969 album ‘Tommy’.

Sir Ray Davies – The Kinks
Sir Ray Davies has created a tribute to The Kinks, one of the most influential British rock bands of all time.

A tribute to Sir George Martin – ‘the fifth Beatle’
Songwriter and producer Giles Martin has created a tribute to his father, Sir George Martin, the famous record producer who was dubbed ‘the Fifth Beatle’ by Sir Paul McCartney.

Dame Shirley Bassey
Dame Shirley Bassey celebrates a musical legacy which has seen her become one of the most popular female vocalists of all time
Challenging Status Quo
Created in collaboration with Francis Rossi – lead singer and lead guitarist of Status Quo – the Status Quo Wraith celebrates five decades of music from the revered British rock band.

Ronnie Wood – ‘I Feel Like Playing’
Renowned as much for his career with The Rolling Stones as his role with Faces, Ronnie Wood has commissioned a Wraith ‘Inspired by British Music’ to celebrate his solo career.