Sarah Morgan Re-Joins The Lex & Terry Morning Show Team


Sarah Morgan Re-joins Lex and Terry Show

Sarah Morgan has re-joined The Lex & Terry Morning Show as a member of the on-air broadcast team. Morgan spent seven years with the highly-rated and highly regarded Lex & Terry show before departing for a career on board a Carnival Cruise liner, but this week the popular former member of the show staff is once again a current member of the program. This announcement comes today from USRN’s EVP/Programming, Andy Denemark and the show’s founding co-hosts, Lex Staley and Terry Jaymes.

Sarah Morgan comes back to the show in a role as a full-time on-air contributor, and regarding her return, Lex & Terry commented that “Sarah is a content machine. She was beloved and revered on the show for many years, and it’s fantastic to welcome her back.” Morgan fills a hole in the show’s on-air lineup that was created by the departure of Krystina Byford who had been with the show for the past two years. Byford is joining the Creative/Production department at the Cumulus cluster in Dallas to work on the Country outlet KSCS-FM as well as KTCK “The Ticket,” on the nation’s top Sports Radio Stations. Lex and Terry continued by stating that “Both of these young ladies have been a huge part of our success over the last ten years, and we are happy for both of them to be where they are now. Krystina will be a major player in Dallas radio, and Sarah is a rating magnet, so we are thrilled to have her on the air again.”

Lex & Terry first teamed up on the air at WFYV-FM, Jacksonville in 1992. The two had a successful morning show locally in Jacksonville, and then in 1997, the duo decided to take the program into national syndication. The show found a national audience immediately, and Lex & Terry eventually moved their broadcast operations to Dallas, TX, which still serves as the hometown for their studios. Lex Staley has a long history in radio both on the air and in various management capacities including having been a Program Director. Terry Jaymes comes from a background of comedy, television and live performance, and together they’ve got over 50 years of combined radio experience. Currently, the Lex & Terry show is broadcast in dozens of markets from 6 am until 11 am Eastern Time each weekday, with “Best-Of” segments available for weekend programming.