Sharpton's Camp Allegedly Responds to David Banner


David Banner has made it official, he is beefing with Oprah Winfrey, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton.

David Banner, Talib Kweli, Q-tip, Common, Twista, and Dude ‘N Nem were the guest panelists on The conference call Thursday August, 9th where topics and opinions really heated up. Artist were asked to respond to Rev. Al Sharptons recent comments about removing certain words from rap music that he deemed to be negative.

When asked Talib Kweli responded “I don’t agree with Al Sharpton, nor do I agree with Oprah but you gotta hear them out and respect their opinion.”

David Banner had quite a different opinion when asked about Al Sharpton, Oprah, and Jesse Jackson. “Fuck Al Sharpton, Fuck Oprah Winfrey and Jesse Jackson. If I could change the name of my new album to ‘Fuck Al Sharpton’ then I would.” Banner also allegedly went on to say that the legendary activist Sharpton could suck his dick. He continued…

“I feel like people that like them are just joining in with white people on assassinating the character of young black men. They are sending a negative message about hip hop music and young black Americans in general and it’s making the people who are really fighting for our generation fade away. I gave away more money then I made and helped raise money when Hurricane Katrina hit, and in the end I didn’t get the support that I needed. We need to start supporting one another so we can have the power to demand respect. The only time they want to talk about hip hop music is when something bad happens. That’s when we get blamed for it.” (Editors Note on the previous entire quote: ??????)

David Banner first hit the music charts in 2003 with his hit single “Like a Pimp” featuring Lil Flip. In 2005 he released another single “Play” which became his biggest single to date.

Well apparently someone told Sharpton’s National Action Network and the group has issued a response. Kirsten John-Foy, who describes himself as a leader with the group, refers to Banner by his real name, Levell Crump, in the following statement:

“From time to time we do encounter people that have sexual fantasies about Reverend Al Sharpton, but they are always women and Crump’s proposition is a first,” says Foy. “However, in keeping with the National Action Network’s Decency Initiative, I am sure Rev. Sharpton would not call Crump the “N” “B” or “H” word. And, despite Crump’s personal request, I am sure Reverend Sharpton would not call him a f-g–t. He would just pray for him. We at NAN are pro civil rights for everyone, even Levell Crump who has not had a banner year since his debut album in 2003.”