Sherri Shepard's Comment: What do you Think…?


Sherri has a right to her opinion but, to me, her attitude, view and response on this subject is pretty typical of the often oddly and falsely conservative black community. She’s the kind of woman that would say a man is gay because he is not attracted to her. It could never be because of her big back and square ass…(laugh). I am consistently baffled by my own community. I once knew a black woman who made her living off of using men (and women). She called herself “a high class ho” With her two teeth… (both in the back) , she was anything but…. her son was gay and she was devastated by it. It was the worst thing that could have happened in her family (laugh). She constantly scorned and berated that boy and I finally had to tell her… “Do you think your mother wanted you to be a toothless ho?” She gasped and I think she chocked on her tooth. She hasn’t spoken to me since (…there must be a support group for people like me). At any rate, I agree with the other women. What would you do if it was your child?