Sheryl Underwood Radio Hits 181 Radio Affiliates and Goes International

With the addition of several international radio affiliates, Sheryl Underwood Radio now airs on a record 181 radio affiliates and remains on 9 of the top 10 radio markets in the country, boasting a hefty 10 million listeners by the combined reach of the signals strength of 181 affiliates.
According to Rob Wilkins, Vice President of Affiliate Relations and Promotions, “After announcing new shows, including Spiritual Nourishment, Late Night Cup Caking and Da House Party, Sheryl Underwood Radio now reaches 181 total affiliates and has expanded to Australia, South Korea, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan and the UK.”
With the addition of the international properties Sheryl Underwood, the namesake of the radio brand had this to say, “This is truly a blessing. Everyday we get to talk about trending topics in culture, entertainment, politics and sports and connect with the greatest listeners in the world, all while doing what we love.” She adds, “I have an amazing on-air and behind the scenes crew that is committed to growing the brand.”
Executive Producer Vic Frost says, “After the accumulation of so many radio affiliates in such a short time, the obvious next accomplishment would have to be going international; there has never been a better time to enable people to reflect on human communication on an international level. SUR will continue to give you the best radio experience no matter where­—WORLD DOMINATION!”
In addition to the appeal of having an international celebrity as the anchor to the show, another strength of Sheryl Underwood Radio is that radio affiliates have the chance to program their own music around the content and infrastructure that Sheryl Underwood Radio provides.
Sheryl Underwood Radio is heard on stations all across country, and in every urban market from California through the South, into the Midwest, on HBCU campuses and in the Virgin Islands.
Sheryl Underwood Radio was created by Sheryl Underwood, television personality, radio host, entertainer, businesswoman and philanthropist. Sheryl, seen daily by nearly 3 million daytime viewers of THE TALK on CBS television, has over 1 million social media followers and has earned six Emmy nominations and a subsequent win for “Best Daytime Talk Show” with the ladies of THE TALK.