SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio and NYU Langone Health Launch New Show “Should I Take This?”


Today SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio and NYU Langone Health announced the launch of a new one hour live show “Should I Take This?”

“Should I Take This?” will be hosted by Dr. Michael Perskin, a Clinical Professor at NYU Grossman School of Medicine where he maintains his clinical practice in primary care and geriatrics. Dr. Perskin and his guests will explore the science behind the unregulated world of health supplements and will take call-ins from listeners, giving them an opportunity to ask general questions, express concerns, engage in real conversations with leading medical experts.

Should we trust a pill, powder or cream to deliver the health and wellness benefits they promise? Am I wasting money on a “superfood,” supplement or health product that sounds too good to be true? Doctor Radio experts will help answer the burning question: “Should I Take This?” From multivitamins to extracts, boosters, detoxifiers, balms, and everything in between, the show pulls back the curtains on a multi-billion-dollar global industry and sheds light from listeners experiences with these products, and answers questions about safety, efficacy, and what really impacts your health.