Sony BMG to Drop DRM – Move Marks Major Shift in Music Sales Strategies


I wonder how Apple will take a bite out of this…. Late last month I posted that Warner was offering DRM free music to Amazon, which has seen its MP3 download music side EXPLODE in 2007 now Sony BMG is following suit. They are about 2 fight APPLE as well as the other majors for valuable download revenues. As I previously wrote in the blog, Apple has been very greedy and restrictive to both the labels and the consumer and now its coming back to bite them in the… apple. GREAT! With Sony BMG giving up DRM (Digital Rights Management) the end of the restricted digital music era is born. The corporation plans to sell songs without copyright protection software. The same software that restricted sales and use of music downloaded from the Internet. Sony BMG is the final of the four majors to make this move which will now create avenues for selling on other huge sites like facebook (and Radio Facts – laugh). Hey, it’s all about the money and it will really be interesting to see how iTunes works this out. Makes me believe more and more the rumor about Jay Z starting a label with them. I LOVE it when the industry is proactive. Gets me FIRED UP!