Tenderfoot TV and iHeartRadio Debut First Joint Weekly Talk-Format Podcast Series “Facing Evil”


When sisters Rasha Pecoraro and Yvette Gentile revealed the true story of their dark family history in the hit podcast “Root of Evil” in 2019, the world became invested in their journey for truth. In that series, the sisters traced their family lineage to George Hodel, the prime suspect in the infamous Black Dahlia murder case.

Three years later, Pecoraro and Gentile are back with “Facing Evil,” a new, weekly true-crime show that focuses on different, but equally resonant stories. Each week, the duo will delve into cases and apply the lessons of healing they’ve learned in their quest to overcome generational trauma in order to focus on the victims and individuals at the heart of the cases.

Beyond your typical true-crime chat show, the series looks at crime from different perspectives; societal impacts, prevention, survival – and most importantly, healing. Pecoraro and Gentile will be fulfilling their mother’s purpose to impact the world by using personal struggle as a platform to help others, which first began with “Root of Evil,” It’s their shared experience and perseverance that are the heart of the show. Each brings personal journeys and lived experiences to every episode.

From Tenderfoot TV, the creators of “Atlanta Monster” and “Up and Vanished,” the new series “Facing Evil” is the first weekly talk-format podcast collaboration with iHeartRadio.

“Facing Evil” is produced by Tenderfoot TV and iHeartMedia, and distributed by The iHeartPodcast Network.

The weekly series is hosted by sisters Rasha Pecoraro (“Root of Evil” Co-Host“The Biggest Loser,” LGBTQ+ Activist) and Yvette Gentile (“Root of Evil” Co-HostActor, Model), the co-hosts of the wildly popular podcast “Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the Black Dahlia.”

“Facing Evil” premieres on Thursday, July 14, 2022, with the first two episodes readily available. Following episodes will be released each Thursday, and available on iHeartRadio and wherever you listen to podcasts.

One week before premiere, on July 7, a special bonus, titled “Episode 0,” that details the sisters’ origin story will be released to give listeners background information from “Root of Evil” before the launch of “Facing Evil.”