The Backstreet Boys Brian Littrell and Family Join The Bert Show for Son Baylee’s New Single Debut


On Monday, May 6th, The Bert Show was joined in-studio by singer-songwriter Brian Littrell of the Back-street Boys, along with his wife, Leighanne, and son, Baylee, to officially debut Baylee’s new single “Boxes” to the world (officially out May 10th) as well as chat about his journey starting out in the entertainment industry.

“It has honestly been a pretty fun ride, but there have been moments where I’ve been like ‘man, I didn’t expect this’, and I’ve grown up in it,” says Baylee. At 16 years old, Baylee provides some inspiration to the younger generation by saying, “We are no different than anyone else. At the end of the day, the people that are successful, honestly, were exactly where we all are at one point, trying to make it and trying to get there…you can’t stop.”

The Littrell family also shared new details with the show’s host Bert Weiss and co-hosts Kristin Klingshirn, Davi Crim-mins and Moe Mitchell about the Backstreet Boys “DNA” World Tour kicking off this summer, which Baylee is scheduled to open up for during their North American leg totaling a combined audience of 560,000 people.

“He’s going to be an established artist,” says Brian. “He’s going to make some waves this summer, and you know we’re just excited.”

Brian also teased several new projects in addition to the “DNA” World Tour details for the Backstreet Boys, including po-tential Christmas and acoustic albums and more!

In addition to debuting his new single “Boxes”, Baylee also shared a sneak peek of another hit from his upcoming al-bum, “We Run This Beach“, coming out in June.

The Littrell’s joined The Bert Show last year to premiere his current single “Don’t Knock It”, which debuted and peaked in the Top 20 on the iTunes Top Country Songs chart.