The Industry is Boring Me


OK, this is one of those days when I ask myself, why in the hell do I keep doing this. The industry is just not fun anymore and it seems that black people in the industry are playing it very safe and afraid to even fart right now. I was talking to a prominent Black vet and he told me, “Kevin, stop dealin‘ with niggas and deal with the white folks at the labels.” I was surprised at that statement considering his career was built by black folks at the labels and I asked him about his lack of loyalty. Then when I look at All Access and R&R I have to ask myself, perhaps the urban divisions at the labels are limited or have no budgets but the pop departments are still spending and I’m seeing a lot of black artists on both those sites. I know that All Access works records and that is something I certainly should have done but as a former PD myself, I know the fastest way to turn a Black PD off it to talk about records. I really need to focus more on another (shaky) industry… Real Estate, the chance of that bouncing back is certainly, or at least seemingly greater than the music industry which is boring the shit out of me right now. Ironically, I’m getting more calls, invites and press releases than ever before and from more prominent companies. I thought about going total trash (and I still might) because the other sites are so constipated and boring…. I don’t know folks. I think I might be in a bad marriage with the industry but I keep hanging on for the kid’s sake (laugh). Time to go make some money… I would say “keep your head up” but since bills are inevitable, I would be better to say, get into some other shit (laugh).