The Living Legends Foundations, ® Inc Kicks Off June, Black Music Month With Inspiring Digital Series “And The Beat Goes…#The Life Remix”


The Living Legends Foundations, ® Inc Kicks Off June, Black Music Month With Inspiring Digital Series “And The Beat Goes…#The Life Remix”

June 4, 2018 (LOS ANGELES, CA) –  As June kicks off Black Music Month the Living Legends Foundation Inc  (LLF) is recognizing the ‘behind the music’ industry alumni whose careers were launched in black music and today have gone on to transition their experience and knowledge to reinvent themselves as entrepreneurs and flourish in a host of new careers.  Entitled “And The Beat Goes…#TheLifeRemix, the digital series will share the stories of over 40 industry professionals from around the country, from where they started in the music industry to how they used their ingenuity to find life after their days at record labels, retail and radio stations.

This amazing series is the brainchild of LLF Board Members and co-producers Sheila Eldridge and Jackie Rhinehart, industry professionals who have successfully experienced “The Life Remix.”

“The Music Industry has undergone major changes. What is not as evident have been the changes, transitions that have occurred within the people of the industry. Music — the product– is ubiquitous and the #TheLifeRemix series demonstrates that those who marketed music have talents that are just as ubiquitous” says co-producer, Jackie Rhinehart.

Adds co-creator Sheila Eldridge “the #TheLifeRemix’ series was created to continue the mission of the Living Legends Foundation to be a resource to help others and inspire fellow colleagues to ‘step outside their comfort zone’ and be a driving force in whatever your industry”

The And The Beat Goes On…#TheLifeRemixinitiative launches June 1 and will roll out during Black Music Month on The Living Legends Foundation social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter platforms and the Living Legends website. Hashtags #RootedInBlackMusic #TheLIfeRemix  #BlackMusic365  


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The Living Legends Foundation, ® Inc. is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization and has been funded primarily with corporate contributions and individual donations. The 27-year-old organization has expanded its mission to assist those who have served the music industry and who have a confirmable need. This assistance is provided in a manner that maintains the dignity of those who may receive financial help. Many former music industry employees worked during a time when 401Ks and retirement packages were not available—and even today, in this era of downsizing and mergers, the industry’s lack of long-term career stability has become more commonplace. Proceeds from the event will enable the LLF to continue to aid those in need, as well as fund the Living Legends Foundation Scholarship Program, which helps the educational pursuits of the next generation of music makers and marketers at three HBCUs.  


The Living Legends Foundation Officers and Board Members include Chairman David Linton, President Varnell Johnson, Vice-President Jacqueline Rhinehart, Recording Secretary Pat Shields, founder and Treasurer C.C. Evans, and General Counsel Kendall Minter, Esq. Board Members include Vinny Brown, Sheila Eldridge, Marcus Grant, Tony Gray, Ken Johnson, Barbara Lewis, Miller London, Sidney Miller, Kathi Moore, Jon Platt, Gwendolyn Quinn, Sam Weaver, and Colleen Wilson.

The Living Legends Foundation Advisory Board includes a list of distinguished entertainment executives, including founder Ray Harris, Monica Alexander, Vivian Scott Chew, Don Cody, George Daniels, Brad Davidson, Michael Dawson, Esq., Skip Dillard, Kevin Fleming, Shannon Henderson, James Leach, Vicki Mack Lataillade, Gail Mitchell, Azim Rashid, Lionel Ridenour, Kevin Ross, A.J. Savage, T.C. Thompkins, Irene Ware, Tyrone Williams, Buzzy Willis, and Tony Winger.