The Spanish Broadcasting System 50% CPM Growth Due to WideOrbit Platform


WideOrbit Inc., the media platform for connecting ads and audiences everywhere, said the Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. (SBS) (OTCQX: SBSAA) experienced CPM growth of more than 50% and increased demand for digital audio advertising inventory as a result of participating in WideOrbit’s WO Programmatic Digital Audio platform.
The results were drawn from a three-month pilot program that ran from December 5, 2016 through March 5, 2017.

“While we expected to see CPM growth for our digital audio ad inventory, we were pleasantly surprised to see an increase of more than 50%,” said Eric Garcia, General Manager, Radio Revenue Chief & General Manager New York at Spanish Broadcasting System. “Programmatic also had a halo-effect on our other inventory because the business intelligence from programmatic bidding informs pricing for our direct sold, and partner-sold spots.”

Garcia continued, “Our philosophy is that it’s inevitable that a significant portion of our advertising transactions will be programmatic. We have embraced programmatic technology from its inception and expect it to help us drive revenue and tighten our inventory control.”

SBS’s pilot results show the power of programmatic platforms to help radio broadcasters and audio pureplays realize the value of their digital inventory,” said Ian Ferreira, Executive Vice President, Programmatic at WideOrbit. “While we can’t guarantee that every media company will enjoy this level of pricing growth, there’s little doubt that opening a programmatic demand channel will benefit media owners as advertisers turn to data-driven solutions for pinpointing listeners with attractive attributes.”

WO Programmatic Digital Audio enables participating media companies to employ a variety of marketplace styles to avail inventory and execute automated advertising transactions.

In the “open marketplace” model, media companies avail digital audio advertising inventory through WideOrbit’s WO Streaming digital audio platform. Like other real-time buying (RTB) digital display or video exchange, ad buying demand partners can use any data source to evaluate and secure spots offered through the platform.

Participating media companies are not required to reserve inventory for programmatic channels. This assures that they have operational flexibility to fulfill requests for premium inventory from direct sales and outside representatives, while enabling unsold inventory to be monetized through programmatic channels.

WO Programmatic Digital Audio also supports a “programmatic direct” buying model, in which ad sellers can invite selected ad buyers to transact on the platform within established business