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THE URBAN music icon, talk to Daddy Yankee “Nachin” IGNACIO SANDOVAL beginning at 8:00 am (PT) on Mega 96.3FM



Los Angeles, CA. (October 6, 2015) —- Have you ever wondered what it would have breakfast with your favorite star? Would you like to share a delicious breakfast with him? The leading radio station tuned in Los Angeles, California, Mega 96.3FM invites you to spend a single morning with urban genre star Daddy Yankee. On Wednesday October 7, several lucky listeners will share a delicious breakfast presented by McDonald’s #ALLDAYBREAKFAST next to “Nachin” Daddy King Ignacio Sandoval and in studies of “LA’s # 1 PARTY STATION” from 8:00 am (PT).

Mega 96.3FM followers may be aware of everything that happens in the radio booth next to “Nachin” Ignacio Sandoval during the interview through http://mega963fm.lamusica.com or social networks broadcaster @ mega963fm # mega963fm Instagram, Twitter & Periscope.

Daddy Yankee, the artist remains one of the major influences in the music industry with more than 11 million albums and over 38 million followers through their social networks. Named as one of the Most Influential Hispanics globally by CNN and Time Magazine, he has enjoyed a successful career that has taken him from 2013 to the present to a world tour through Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

His business empire also continues to grow with his production company El Cartel Records, the company’s Cangris Music Publishing, and a film company that produced “Talento de Barrio” starring himself. The soundtrack of the film sold over a million copies worldwide, reaching first place in the list of Billboard Latin music hits.

His latest single “Follow me and I follow” reached first place in the list of the most popular Latin songs of Billboard magazine. In this 2015 Daddy Yankee it was released as “Coach” in the US Voice Kids, a program that won first place in audience during his season.

Only in Mega 96.3FM, Daddy Yankee breakfast with their fans, while talking to “Nachin” the leader Ignacio Sandoval radial tuning morning in Los Angeles from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. program.

During the program Daddy Yankee answer questions from his fans, personally through the periscope @ mega963fm and social networks Mega 96.3FM.

Do not forget to tune Mega 96.3FM from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day to enjoy various exclusive interviews with your favorite artists and excellent musical programming for the Millennials generation


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