There's No Meat in the Fruit Section


Pennies from Kevin and Radio Facts publisher Kevin Ross has a brand new eBook titled. There’s No Meat in the Fruit Section.

This is a story about Caroline Washington or any woman or man who is frustrated with being “Stuck” in their lives. Caroline is 38 years of age and a woman who has everything going for her, by appearance. She’s reasonably attractive in decent shape, with about 10 pounds to lose, yet she works out at the gym twice a week, has a great job, several girlfriends, a new car and she just purchased a new home. But happiness eludes her and she doesn’t understand why….

Order your copy of Pennies from Kevin publisher Kevin Ross’ latest eBook. “There’s No Meat in the Fruit Section” today. This is an easy read, great book about putting things in the right sections in life and how we often confuse that. Only $6.95