Theshing Floor or TAXES: Juanita BUSTED!


Last week, we reported that Juanita Bynum was seeking $200,000 for a Threshing Floor to pray for women, to build in her home…. Well, now the AP reports Bynum’s home in Ware County, GA is about to go into foreclosure. Thus adding MORE troubles to her growing public embarrassment. Bynum’s 7000 square foot home sits on 23 acres of land and in Ware County. Tax Commissioner Steve Barnard told The Florida Times-Union that the home has already been advertised among the houses up for sale at the county courthouse on Nov. 6th. (I can verify that is the next foreclosure sale date)
Barnard says the property tax bill on the house is $32,007.56 and Bynum must also pay more than $6,944 in interest, penalties and costs. Barnard said someone from Bynum’s Waycross office called and asked how to resolve the matter. The caller agreed to pay $25,000 on the tax bill and the remainder before the tax sale, “but so far we’ve gotten only $5,000,” he said. This means the mortgage has been paid, why didn’t‘ she pay the taxes or have it rolled into her loan? You can indeed actually lose your house on this alone.

Ironically, Bynum is seeking donations for her Threshing Floor at the same time in the amount of $200,000. How do you build a Threshing Floor on a property that’s about to go into foreclosure? You pay the mortgage with the donations first? I’m not mad ad Bynum, in these times you gotz ta do what you gotz ta DO but just be honest about it.. Shit, if I don’t start getting more income myself, I could be in the same position… I have to get my ass back to WORK. Before you complain about your job, be glad you have one, there are a LOT of industry people losing their homes.