Tigger's PR Dream Team?


Amidst rumors and a damaging confrontational testimony from Super Head that he is gay, DC based national radio host Tigger has been getting some interesting press lately. According to mediatakeout.com, several strippers have come forward to announced that Tig hit it raw (had sex with them without a condom). That may not be HUGE news to a lot of people since there are so MANY people doing the same thing in the black community, hence the irony in this situation is that Tig is a spokesperson for HIV who often complains about the lack of support in the DC area for African Americans and treatment…. ouch!

Nevertheless, if this is a PR stunt, its a damn good one, he is sacrificing a job that probably doesn’t pay (HIV Spokesperson) for his reputation, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding and the winner is! The strippers are sure to do more good than harm to his name as society doesn’t‘ really respect them either and it would replenish his dimmed street credibility as a national radio host. Several sources close to the situation say Tigger was distraught by the confrontation and the rumors.