Trina New Single Stolen


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Allhiphop reports that Miami rapper Trina and her label Slip N Slide Records have revealed that her first single “Single Again” which features Christina Milian was stolen from a local recording studio computer and leaked via the email and the Internet. (I mean, do we really look THAT stupid? Perhaps the assailants also took the time to make Bologna and Cheese sandwiches from the dining area too) According to Slip N Slide CEO Ted Lucas, the illegal, stolen version is the wrong track. (but why not test it on the Internet to see if people like it before we actually decide that?) “This mishap is extremely unfortunate and the official version of ‘Single Again’ track featuring Trina by herself will be re-released by the end of the week,” Lucas told “I am thankful that nothing else was taken from the computer. I guess we can look at this bizarre experience and move forward with Trina’s upcoming project.” According to representatives for Trina, the rapper was “in complete shock” (according to the script) when she realized the single had been stolen.