TUPAC: ASSASSINATION DVD Blow-Back Prompts $100,000 Challenge


Los Angeles, CA–As the new documentary film TUPAC: ASSASSINATION – Conspiracy or Revenge? continues its assault on the conventional wisdom and unanswered questions concerning the murder of the rap icon, the film has had other powerful and controversial consequences in the two months since its release. Apart from addressing the collective demand by Tupac’s legions of fans that his murder be solved and the responsible parties be brought to justice, Tupac: Assassination – Conspiracy or Revenge? has prompted LAPD detectives to meet with ex Tupac bodyguards Kevin Hackie and Frank Alexander in Los Angeles last week.

In addition, Hackie who announced that he was an undercover FBI Agent after an LA screening of the film in October, has offered a $100,000 challenge to former Death Row head of security Reggie Wright that would see the money go to Wright if Wright passes a lie detector test concerning any role he may have had in the murder of Tupac Shakur. The challenge remains on the table with those conditions.

Local Fox TV affiliate Fox 11 in Los Angeles aired a piece on the controversy swirling around the film on December 19, 2007. Suge Knight was interviewed on camera, Reggie Wright was not (he was shown in file footage) both denied any involvement in Tupac’s murder. Nevertheless, and despite one very short, single phone call from Las Vegas police to Hackie last month, the film has revived the murder investigation of Tupac Shakur and has gotten the attention of LAPD and the Las Vegas police. The film makers hope that the movement continues, eventually resulting in a Grand Jury investigation of the murder.

“The whole point of the DVD was to raise one theory based on information that the police had not collected. If that leads to Reggie, then we were right. If that leads elsewhere, then it leads elsewhere. The police have new avenues to explore, new witnesses to speak with – something to do. That brings us one step closer to closure in the case. And in my mind that is what every true Pac fan wants,” says the film’s director R. J. Bond.

TUPAC: ASSASSINATION lays out the entire murder conspiracy plot surrounding the murder of the best selling Hip Hop artist of all time. This eye-opening documentary points out all of the failures of law enforcement officials to fully investigate, follow up on leads and interview key parties involved in this tragic event. With the shocking allegations revealed in the film people are drawing their own conclusions as to where the blame lies.