Tyler Perry Fans Knock out Sacramento TV Station's Email System


Recently the host of a TV show in Sacramento bit off more than he could chew when he tried his Howardsternesque barrage of questions on Janet Jackson about the Superbowl wardrobe malfunction while her and Perry were there to talk about the smash hit movie “Why Did I Get Married.” The host was appealing to his own ego and the fans of the show and he made the dreaded mistake of disrespecting both Jackson and Perry thinking the show was bigger than either of them…. but was apparently mistaken. Perry and Janet fans barraged the station with emails complaining about the interview with him alone receiving over 19,000 emails and his GM getting even more. In the video, he admits “I was a jerk,” but we all know it’s not him talking, it’s an unemployment check.

The entire email system at the station was slammed shut by the complaints and he finally had no choice but to go on the air and apologize. My level of respect for Tyler Perry and his endeavors in Hollywood as a black man have just increased even more. As someone who has seen the blatant racism in Hollywood firsthand, this man has literally changed the face of Hollywood by not only producing his OWN movies sans the racist input of Hollywood’s power brokers (‘No Black movie can survive the box office without a white co-star’) but the content of his films have also sent a contradictory message to those other black “producers” who feel the only types of movies African Americans like to see have to be full of violence. In addition, the black voice is indeed in media and in ‘doing’ instead of ‘complaining.’ See video of apology below…