Vivica Foxx Blows a Job – Gains Publicity?


(don’t you love that title… I kill me) Filed Under “Time to Stop Drinking:” Vivica Foxx is very interesting. It’s hard to determine if she is just making mistakes or if she is making moves to keep her name in the news. On one hand, there are some mistakes you make…. when you are young that you have an excuse for….. YOUTH. But there is something to be said about an OLD fool. Aunt Viv is in her 40’s. She’s been caught twice and issued DUIs and she still loves to get her drink on but at what price? Well, according to Sandra Rose (, Viv is upset about a video making its way around Atlanta with her on her knees blowing a man who had his video cam on his phone working overtime. I take it he passed the vid on to his friends to brag about the encounter. It’s reported Viv called a contact at the Atlanta Police Dept to assist her (with what?) and now the video is allegedly being passed around the police stations too (Gloraye). People who have seen the video say Viv was obviously drunk. On the OTHER hand… This really upsets me, to the point that I must see the video myself before I make a decision on it (laugh). Perhaps this is another strategic move by Aunt Viv to keep her name fresh. Remember her stint with 50 Cent. He later dumped her and said she was a user. I’ve heard this before in Hollywood circles as well. Nevertheless, you have to give her credit. What? you say? Well, has anybody heard from Angela Bassett lately? Viv is no fool. She sees how the young white girls in Hollywood keep that PR machine rolling with scandal after scandal and perhaps she is taking note. Sometimes plastic surgery is just not enough… Viv is starting to resemble a drag queen. Time to back off a bit. Oh one final note, it’s rumored that her plastic surgeon is/was none other then Dr. Jan Adams, the man famous for Donda West’s fatal surgery.


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