Vivica's Video: Did it EVER Exist?

32 and V-103’s Porsche Foxx started a rumor close to a month ago that there was a video floating around the police station with actress Vivica Foxx blowing a man who filmed her on his phone. Porsche claimed to be friends with Vivica as part of the campaign and Vivica later wrote a letter from her publicist denying she was friends with Porsche or that there was a video. While Vivica has been known to like her liquor, perhaps this rumor did indeed take it too far. If there was a video, I have no doubt it would have surfaced by now, but it hasn’t, which makes me wonder if it was a fluke and/or misreporting. Who knows what price Vivica will have to pay for the rumor alone but it has at least taught me one thing, that I actually already knew since I published magazines before I started blogging, NEVER report something like this UNLESS you ACTUALLY SEE IT FIRST. The news was all over the world’s blogs and a video surfaced with a woman who resembled Vivica but she was thinner and younger.