We Told You! Warner Signs with Zazzle


Just yesterday we told you about our suspicions with Warner Music wanting to get out of the deal with iTunes. Well We don’t have all the details but we do know that a few hours after we sent out that info Warner Music announced that they had entered into a partnership with online retailer Zazzle. As part of the agreement, WMG’s artists will be able to create their own Zazzle Galleries to offer fans customized products based on their music images, photos and artwork. Additionally, merchandise can be sold by artists, as well as customized and sold by fans alike through their galleries, web sites, MySpace profiles, fan sites and blogs.

“Partnering with Zazzle enables us to directly offer consumers a unique experience in artist-branded merchandise,” said Kevin Liles, Executive Vice President, WMG. “Zazzle has a proven ability to quickly manufacture and ship high quality products while enabling consumers to create artist-branded products that are only limited by their imagination.”

As we told you a couple of months ago, iTunes greed and limitations are going to be the greatest detriment to them. Just last night, I had to get memory for an old Mac tower and had to drive 30 miles each way to a Fry’s in Duluth, GA. Had this been a PC product, I could have walked to the Best Buy up the street from my house.