WGCI looks to future with Steve Harvey


Steve Harvey is a very busy man these days, from taping pilots for TV shows to enjoying top status in several markets. Currently he resides in NY , does a LOT of traveling and he’s come full circle. It’s on to Chicago for three days of broadcasts and events to herald Harvey’s triumphant return this month to the station that launched his radio career in the 1990s, WGCI-FM 107.5 While his radio show is heard in 50 markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta, Detroit, Miami and St. Louis. The Cleveland-born star even has “The Steve Harvey Collection,” his own line of suits, shirts, ties, hats, accessories and shoes. The move back to WGCI is the biggest thing,” Harvey said by phone “Just to go back to a megastation like that and have your voice resonate over the great city of Chicago on a station that has a huge signal, that’s really major for us. I’ve gotten into a lot of key markets that I always wanted to be in. But WGCI has such a real sentimental value to it. I love that place, and now I’m back and that’s big for me.”