What Was He Thinking? Cox's Bob Neil Spews "racist" Remark


Veteran singers Judy Collins and Sam Moore of the legendary Sam and Dave duo were stunned by what many are calling a “racist” remark by the head of Cox Radio Robert Neil. The corporation owns 80 stations in 18 markets. Neil stated “I saw the (congressional) testimony yesterday, and the reality is a lot of those people would be sitting in a shack somewhere in a small town if it wasn’t for the fact that radio supported their music when it was coming up.” Moore and many African Americans are offended by the term “Those people” and the entire statement and the veteran singer is demanding Neil be fired. What Neil fails to realize is that “Those People” also helped build radio’s popularity and if it wasn’t for the hit records RADIO would be non existant and HE would not have a job. The artist and radio work hand in hand.