Who is Kevin Ross?


OK , I know I really overdid the “Urban Radio’s #1 Source” banners today but you see it, don’t you? We ARE the #1 source of urban industry news and info, no old ass news or small sections for black news or all doom and gloom, I try to give you a variety of shit. Oh, a minister who reads Radio Facts told me to stop cursing or he would not read Radio Facts anymore…. Let’s see…. I go to church, pay my tithes and I believe in a higher power, CASE DISMISSED! Live your own damn life…I’m too old to give a shit what people think about me and I pay my own mortgage. Now if a CLIENT told me to stop cursing, Radio Facts would be the most Christian industry newsletter you ever saw (laugh). Speaking of which, I have a Christian joke for you… A big grizzly bear was about to eat a man when the man, as a last hope, said “Lord Jesus, please turn this bear into a Christian” The bear threw his hands up to the heavens and said “Thank you Jesus for this meal I am about to eat.”

My New Book…
I have a new book, well actually, it’s a year old, called No PairRENTs Children, this is the MOST hardcore book I have ever written and it’s about the things Black parents do to, unknowingly to set up their own kids. This is an illustration that I have drawn for the cover. Yes, I am an artist and an admitted Narcisisist (laugh) Art runs in my family.

Anniversary issue coming, AD SPACE STILL AVAILABLE, it’s hard to sell anything for and about Black people but I’m determined. See you soon…