Why do Black men Hate Gay Men? Just a Theory


As I was writing the piece on Tigger this morning, I had to express a theory that I’ve had about the hatred that Black men have for gay men…..

In the black community, there is little the word “gay” compares to. It is a single word that usually stands alone. A pimp, whore, drug dealer, gangbanger, wife beater, drug addict, child molester and murderer are more respected. My theory is that it has something to do with slavery and the concept of “the block,” the big muscular buck and the single white male slave master who grabbed the black man’s nuts to see how “virile” he was. Imagine that, a psychic scientist (laugh). I personally think many black men were raped and used as sex toys during the slave trade in addition to their field duties. It is something that will NEVER make the history books but the shame and hatred has been shifted from generation to generation. If there is one thing a black man will almost kill for, it’s the honor of his manhood. The Black man is proud, even if he has no reason to be. When they see a gay man, especially a Black gay man, he is a traitor, someone who, in their eyes, approves of the treatment his ancestors endured.  He is a reminder and a traitor to the entire negative experience. A lesbian is cool, nonetheless, she is not a threat to black male masculinity for she can’t compete. If she is fine and feminine and doesn’t look like Michael Vick, she can even be a fantasy.  How did I come to this theory?  Let’s just say I know people from all walks of life and I know several brothers (mostly starving actors) who sleep with the wives of famous white celebrities and producers in LA for a living. The husband is the one that hires them and he watches (Hey, who am I to judge, if you can’t do the job, guess you might wanna hire someone… laugh) There is something “latent” about that situation. Can’t help but to ponder nonetheless, what happened during the days of slavery when the slave owner DIDN’t have to ask or pay?