Why is Jim Jones Looking Paranoid?


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In the bottom video Jim Jones is “discussing” his new record deal with Columbia, have they signed anyone since Destiny’s Child?” (laugh) his time away from Cam’ron and his recent colaborations with 50 Cent. Cam, who’s been incognito for a spell, no doubt must be pretty pissed about entire situation. Part of the situation started during a radio interview in NY on Angie Martinez’s show where 50 was on the air talking industry business, he’s actually pretty savvy and he talked about Koch being a label that basically only picked up cooked artists. I made that up, “cooked,” I kill me. Anywhoo industry vet and Koch rep, Alan Grunblat called in to the show to express his dismay over 50’s comments but 50 shut him down like he just started working as an intern and asked to speak to Cam. I once called Alan Grunblat when he was at Relativity and he told me “You really have a lot of nerve calling me!” I was like: Yesa, Ize sorry fo da calls, pleeze 4gives me massa PLEEEZE, Ize is jus out of place’ Let me go back 2 da field and burl some chitlins sa..” He bought an ad, I like money, so I sold out and forgave him… (laugh)” …Cam got on the phone and all hell broke loose , the next thing you know, one of Koch’s most successful artists and Cam’s childhood friend and discovery Jim Jones (see pic) was Flying Higher over towards 50 Cent and G Unit. Nothing is official except his new deal as of this writing. Here is a pic of Cam and Jim as kids at a birthday party… Um, did anybody see where loyalty went?… Notice that Jim looks uncomfortable in the recent Rap City Video (below) as well…