Will Smith Was Flat Broke First Three Years of Show


Will Smith has finally come clean and admitted that for the first three years of the taping of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, he was in debt to the IRS to the tune of 2.5 million dollars. “They came and took everything I had” Smith explained in a recent interview… he went on to say “It’s embarrassing to have that kind of success and nobody knows that your broke. For the first three years of the taping of the Fresh Prince of Bell Air, the IRS took 70% of my check… I was living in a condo in Burbank.”

Ironically, I knew the guy who rented the condo when Smith and Jada (his then girlfriend) moved out. It was a multi level condo with a roof deck and while it may have been “basic” for Will, you and I would not have a hard time living in it… The guy who rented the condo is named Mark and he is now Jada’s personal assistant….