WINNERS! Top 10 Rhythmic PDs


We’d like to congratulate the winners and the MANY votes that came in for the Top 10 Rhythmic PDs.  This contest had nothing to do with the research or PPM in as much as it did the programmers peers voting for him or her. That included: the staffs of the stations, the labels, the industry, the listeners and more. There were way too many comments to post here and out of all the contests we have ever done this one got the MOST votes and we’d like to thank all of those who took the time to vote. We also told you that we had a big announcement… Well, it’s  the new site you’re on… All Radio News  (allradionews.com). This is our new site that specifically targets Rhythmic and CHR radio with a different kind of formula for an industry trade.  We are going to make sure we bring you great content. Make sure you sign up for our email list to get email updates, news, pictures and interviews for Rhythmic, CHR and the industry on the bottom of each post or you can follow us on FaceBook or Twitter to the right.  Questions? Feel free to contact us here. Click NEXT (above or below the post) for the next winner. CONGRATS AGAIN!!!

Now let’s get to the winners…

10. Woody Woods/WRVZ – Charleston, WV


“Woody has been a staple in his city for years, his on air presence and content is always fresh, up to date and relatable to today’s audience. He is very creative in creating the link between his social media audience and his on air listeners and engaging the two in a way to where the message is the same. H plays the hits and now with the addition of the breakfast club in the mornings I’m sure his numbers will be off the charts. Sometimes we overlook the smaller markets that play a key role, however Woody Woods is committed to excellence.”


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