Yeah, I Said It: SOME Black Ministers SHOULD BE Investigated….


As many of you know, I have always believed in a higher power and I have respect for others who do the same, whoever and whatever your “higher power” is. I DO NOT believe in organized religion, especially the often hypocritical Black church. I don’t like pomp and circumstance and I don’t like it when minsters kiss committee ass for a donation or profit by attacking people who come to church, creating the “us VS them” mentality pitting black against black for whatever reason. We all fart and usually it stinks. None of us is better than the other. Some minsters are mere pimps, nursing a bunch of weak hos bringing them their last dollar for a source of esteem, get a life, YOU are your best source of self esteem. I have never been impressed with ministers like Eddie Long, there is just something about him that is FAKE. Creflo, I can deal with, even though I am not moved by his messages and often end up confused, I really like Joyce Myer, her no nonsense motherly approach to life and her admission to her sexual abuse as a child put her on the top of my list for being one of the most REAL ministers in the game and one of the only ones I’d like to meet. When we can admit our own shortcomings, it’s certainly an admiral trait. Most minsters (black) don’t do this because it dents their inflated egos. These above mentioned ministers are being investigated for improper spending by the feds, even though churches have a right to claim “non profit” status. It’s about time. There are people, especially in the black church giving their last dime to these filthy rich ministers and their electricity is about to be shut off. I’m not completely cynical on the whole ministry concept I just think that people who don’t have a personal relationship with their own higher power and depend on someone in a pulpit to be their deliverer… are weak… There is NO man or woman on this earth that can bridge your connection to your higher power. Only YOU can do that.